Transition Sunday

Every Sunday, during my morning coffee (or matcha), I’ll share three incredible, mesmerizing, and powerful ideas changing the world and culture. Some ideas will be ads or about advertising. Some may be about fashion. Others will be about design, art, illustrations, animations, motion, audio, movies, or any other idea worth sharing and discussing. You get the idea.

a. I will share 3 big ideas
b. Cause I care about ideas
c. And you will too, subscribe

Idea 1. Prada Luna Rossa

Is it the fastest boat in the America’s Cup or the parfum by Prada? Who cares? Here, we love JakeG content—the kind of content we need on a Sunday morning.

Idea 2. Mother’s Day AC Milan Style

To celebrate Mother’s Day, AC Milan players wore shirts with their mothers’ surnames on the backs against Cagliari. Simple. Cute. Might delete later.

Idea 3. No new ideas here

Love it or not, Apple is trending more because they apologized for the off-the-rails ad than for recreating an old LG idea from BBH London to launch their new iPad. Let’s discuss, but before we do, show me the ads you’ve created that are better than the ads discussed above. Sincerely, the ad creative and industry.