Pristine Sunday

Every Sunday, during my morning coffee (or matcha), I’ll share three incredible, mesmerizing, and powerful ideas changing the world and culture. Some ideas will be ads or about advertising. Some may be about fashion. Others will be about design, art, illustrations, animations, motion, audio, movies, or any other idea worth sharing and discussing. You get the idea.

a. I will share 3 big ideas
b. Cause I care about ideas
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Idea 1. Plan the work. Work the plan.

Supposedly, this is Ben Franklin’s daily schedule. Based on his results, I think it could work for everyone creating, thinking, writing, and inventing things. Try it and report back; I’ll do the same.

Idea 2. Uncommon Ideas

Uncommon Studio wants our attention. This new campaign for British Airways is impossible to ignore. Sometimes doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing is the hardest thing to do, but, as we can now see, the most rewarding.

Idea 3. Print is alive and well

Maybe just not in the US. Simple and well-executed Just in time for Cannes. Thank you Norway.