Omni Sunday

Every Sunday, during my morning coffee (or matcha), I’ll share three incredible, mesmerizing, and powerful ideas changing the world and culture. Some ideas will be ads or about advertising. Some may be about fashion. Others will be about design, art, illustrations, animations, motion, audio, movies, or any other idea worth sharing and discussing. You get the idea.

a. I will share 3 big ideas
b. Cause I care about ideas
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Idea 1. To crush or not to crush

First Apple, crushing ideas and creativity to highlight how thin and slim the new iPad Pro is.

Samsung’s response is swift and just in time, premiering 7 days after Apple.

But will you change platforms, products, and brands ‘cause one ad? Nope.

Idea 2. Coke & Food

Simple and beautiful. Real or not, ideas this powerful are always welcome.

Idea 3. Oatly Mexico OOH

Strategy, location, insight, and later language. I get it. Most don’t and can’t figure out why a brand would keep a message in English while advertising a product in Mexico, a Spanish-speaking country, and audience.

I bet they know who they are talking to, and whether we like it or not, it’s not for the locals.