Gloomy Sunday

Every Sunday, during my morning coffee (or matcha), I’ll share three incredible, mesmerizing, and powerful ideas changing the world and culture. Some ideas will be ads or about advertising. Some may be about fashion. Others will be about design, art, illustrations, animations, motion, audio, movies, or any other idea worth sharing and discussing. You get the idea.

a. I will share 3 big ideas
b. Cause I care about ideas
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Idea 1. The Dumb Rule

It's so dumb that it makes sense. Kallman is behind some of the best and most memorable ideas in modern advertising.

Idea 2. Planning and positioning

Getting it right and making it real, can make or break a product. Every once in a while, revise the brand’s vision and purpose and only then align the product with an (the) audience. It’s about the tribe.

Idea 3. Gutsy Creativity by Anselmo Ramos

Great for beginners. A must for ad old schoolers. Anselmo is the CCO and co-founder of